Cruiser's Crutch

Click 'BuyNow' below for purchase..A slope-compensating angle gauge that gives correct basal area readings on 0% to 90% slopes for any English basal area factor of 10, 20, 30, or 40. Consists of a clear Lexan angle gauge with a 26" nickel-plated chain and four brass balls, one for each BAF. This gauge is easy to use. Simply hold the appropriate brass ball for the selected BAF under your eye, so that it is lightly touching your cheek. Holding the Cruiser's Crutch perpendicular to the slope and keeping your eye over the point, line up the tree to be measured with the appropriate slope percentage line on the gauge. If the tree at dbh is wider than the line on the angle gauge being sighted across, tally the tree. If it is narrower, do not tally.

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