Speigel Relaskop American Scale

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Outstanding engineering and design have gone into these four Speigel Relaskop models. Used in variable plot and Three P sampling, they read easily and accurately in a range of scales and conditions. Models are available in Metric, Wide, CP, and American Scale and can be recalibrated to maintain accuracy. They are excellent on level or steep terrain; use them mounted or freestanding. Also provided with the Relaskop are a leather case and an easy-to-read, comprehensive guide.

Which one is right for you?

AMERICAN SCALE - reads in English units.
(sq. ft./acre, inches, feet)
For use where trees are smaller than 96" dbh for 66' baseline.

METRIC SCALE - reads in Metric units.
(sq. m/hectare, centimeters, meters)
Works well in a wide range of tree sizes.

WIDE SCALE - reads in Metric units.
(diameter measurements convert to inches or centimeters)
Recommended for trees larger than 244 cm (96") dbh.

CP SCALE - reads English or Metric measurements.
(basal area in sq. m/hectare only)
Excellent for large-diameter timber.

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