Brunton International Pocket Transit, Quad, Waterproof

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Brunton’s International Series patented system allows the user to travel anywhere in the world without rebalancing the needle. All models are shipped induction-damped.

  •  Dial graduations in 1degree increments.
  •  Easy declination adjustment.
  •  ± 90 degree readings to 10 minutes; 100% grade, 5% divisions.
  •  Waterproof, meets U.S. Military Spec. 101b.
  •  Grey exterior, flat black interior.
  •  Includes leather case and instruction manual.
Quality, American-made Brunton pocket transits are acclaimed worldwide as the most accurate and dependable instruments available. Designed for use by geologists, civil and mining engineers, foresters, surveyors, and anyone who needs an accurate, reliable directional instrument.

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